Use the free trading calculator

The trader's calculator is necessary to estimate the profit/loss of potential transactions and to study the point value. This tool also helps to calculate the required margin for orders and compare your results at the different opening and closing prices. It is sufficient for you to enter the initial data and instantly get an accurate calculation on this page.

Example of trader calculator calculation

Use the raw data for upcoming trades to calculate all the conditions for their execution
Your table should have:
  • Instrument (specify the selected financial instrument from the list)
  • Price (specify the estimated price of opening and closing the order to see the possible result of the order)
  • Trade volume (specify exact trade volume in lots)
  • Spread (calculated automatically based on the difference between Ask and Bid prices)
  • Swap (calculated automatically based on the cost of position rollover at night)
  • Margin (the specified data is the minimum amount of free deposit required to make a transaction)
  • Profit (indication of probable profit based on current parameters)

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